Facebook Silences #MeToo Movement Over Content Policies

The internet erupted with criticism about Facebook’s “complicated” and even “mind-bending” community standards when the company removed posts by members of the #MeToo Movement for making critical comments about men such as like “Men are scum.” Critics of Facebook were quick to point out the inconsistencies in Facebook’s “Community Standards,” showing that while Facebook’s standards required removal of derogatory comments about “white men,” derogatory comments about subgroups of protected categories such “black children” and “women drivers” were permitted to stay. This scandal demonstrated that Facebook’s approach towards hate speech all too often was taking down content aimed at empowering communities and social movements, while leaving up content that was further attacking already marginalized communities. Members of Congress and federal regulators have taken notice of Facebook’s content moderation issues, Facebook’s own investors have demanded more transparency into the company’s content moderation policies, and there are calls for greater regulation of the company and to address its monopoly power.  

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